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The Hilton International Hotel - Smile Service

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The Hilton International hotel is the branch of Hilton group. Hilton Hotel has the right to use the ‘Hilton’ trademark worldwide in addition to the United States .Hilton International hotel’s concept is ‘smile service’.The goal is to give customers luxurious and comfortable experience. The Hilton Hotel strives to create a system that is as complete as possible to make it a comprehensive service organization.

Hilton Hotel in order to win more customers and improve customer satisfaction. So they innovate the feature of products.Firstly,Hilton Hotel launched the TCL (tourist Life Center), which makes customers feel that they are living at home, because this product greatly reduces the difference between the hotel and the home environment. In this way, the guests will have better sleep quality and reduce the pressure of customers in outdoor activities.Secondly,Fun Finder was a notification system launched by Hilton Hotel ,The system can send the most suitable products and information to guests . This tool can understand the guest's personal preference so that offer suggestions to guests according to the guest's departure information, personal preferences in advance, and the geographical position of the guest in the resort.In this way, customers can know the information in time, so as to avoid unnecessary waste of time and reduce the trouble of traveling.Finally,In order to celebrate the anniversary of couples,Hilton Hotel created the ’romantic night’ .This product provides superior accommodation, free champagne to welcome


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