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The Growth of Modern Society

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The contemporary world around is not the same as it was a couple of centuries ago. The world continuously being modernized and supplemented with new elements as people always strive to improvement and new achievements. Business sphere of activity steadily progresses attracting more and more modern management techniques of companies and large organizations. After all, there is no limit to perfection. Therefore, the development of the modern world is going on at the same rapid pace.

The present century refers to the information and business era. Many types of work are directly related to the Internet and other network resources. As for information technology, the world is connected by a global web that helps to communicate directly and cooperate with people from the most remote corners of the globe (Gelsdorf, 2010). What further strengthens the development of the modern world, as information support and Internet resources contribute to social progress.

The growth of modern society cannot be imagined without the development of science and technology, without the introduction of technological innovations. Scientific and technical progress is firmly entrenched in lives today. In the modern world, scientific and technological progress remains indispensable for humanity (Scientific and Technological Progress, 2018). It is worth noting that scientific and technological progress has taken root in all spheres of human activity.

To date, scientific and technological progress, social and climate change transform the labor market beyond recognition. This conclusion is contained in the report “Shape of Jobs to Come,” prepared by the research company Fast Future for the government of Great Britain (Talwar, 2010). It talks about how dangerous the changes are for the labor market. Scientific and technological progress initially appeared to change the world for the better. In turn, this progress affects the development of such areas as cosmonautics and contributes to the growth of the popularity of the pilot's profession (Talwar, 2010). Moreover, modern society is ready for space tourism, which will lead to the emergence of new businesses such as architects and designers of spaceships and entertainment. It means that people are given more jobs by lowering the unemployment rate.

In addition to scientific and technical progress, the development of contemporary community and the world is much affected by globalization. The study says: “Positive effects can occur as a result of the increased capacity of developing countries to create new opportunities for work and production following the alleviation of price distortions with respect to both labor and capital.” (Globalization and Labor Market, 2018) The real results of the process of globalization can be seen in the fact that the boundaries for economic, cultural and even political activity are becoming more transparent, conditional (Globalization and Labor Market, 2018). Moreover, this process is considered the key to the development of the world economy. The globalization of the economy is a process of strengthening economic integration by accelerating scientific and technological progress and the transition to an information society and the movement of capital (Globalization and Labor Market, 2018). Globalization creates conditions that facilitate entry into world industrial relations and stimulate economic development.

Globalization, strengthening competition, stimulates the further development of new technologies and their distribution among countries (Globalization and Labor Market, 2018). In its conditions, the growth rate of direct investment is slightly higher than the growth rate of world trade, which is an essential factor in the spread of industrial technologies. The advantages of globalization are determined by the economic benefits that result from the use of advanced scientific, technical, technological and qualification level of leading in the relevant fields of foreign countries in other countries (Globalization and Labor Market, 2018). In these cases, the introduction of new solutions takes place in a short time and at a relatively lower cost.

The role of entrepreneurship in the development of countries is well known. The development of companies and large organizations help to improve the economic state of states. Moreover, at the stages of development and establishment of the authority of the company, it is essential to observe the proper management of the work process. The article asserts: “Organizational culture is a widely used term but one that seems to give rise to a degree of ambiguity in terms of assessing its effectiveness on change variables in an organization.”(O’Donnell, 2008) Modern management is understood as the development, creation, maximum use, and control of socio-economic systems, which include the state, commercial and non-commercial spheres of activity (O’Donnell, 2008). Inside the definition, the primary processes


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