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The Diary of a Sailor

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The diary of a sailor


Hello, this is Alex Hemoglobin. I am one of the young members of Hemoglobin family. Today, I will eventually be a great sailor because I am an adult now. grandpa Y told me that there will be lots of new slaves coming, and I will go with my family together. Grandpa Y is the most experienced person in this family and he has served for Lord “Thigh Tissue” for a long time. I am crazy with the story he told me after he traveled around the world “Human Body”. Oh, my “Medulla Oblongata”, I can’t wait for one more minutes. Now, I will go out and get ready for my first exploration.

Day 1

I sailed my ship which combined with 4 “heme” seats on the blood of “Pulmonary Artery” Ocean. I do think I am skillful enough to sail alone, but for the safety, I had to stay with the flotilla “red blood cell”.

“Where are we going?” I asked Grandpa Y.

“We are going to the ‘Pulmonary Capillaries’ Port to wait for new slaves ‘Oxygen’.”

“Oh, Grandpa Y. Look! Is that our destination?”

“You are right, Alex. Watch out yourself, don’t lose your way.” Obviously, he was also very happy with an ear-to-ear grin.

“Help! Help!”

“Hurry to save them.” Grandpa Y pat my head and warned me not laugh at those slaves.

“Alright.” I sailed to them and saved 4 slaves who fell in the blood. “What are your names?” I looked at these ugly aliens. They were like conjoined twin babies. How could they work for our Lords with such a body? However, I would not query them because Grandpa Y told me this kind of behavior is impolite.

“Thanks for your rescuing. Our name is Oxygen.” “Well, but what’s your first name.” I was confused. “First name? No, we all have the same name. That is the punishment for us?” I became silent because I don’t know how to comfort them.

“Hey, Oxygen. Why don’t you tell me something about how did you get here? There is still a long way to the fief of Lord ‘Thigh Tissue’.” I was really interested in their experience.

“We are the sinners of the universe so that we have to wander in the air for a summon which is called ‘inhalation’. Yesterday, we felt the calling from this world so we got into the black hole ‘nasal cavity’ which is linked to the entrance of this world ‘larynx’. We kept going and going after we passed a long channel ‘Trachea’. Then, half of our partners went into the continent ‘right lung’ and the rest of us entered in the left one through two different main roads ‘bronchi’. Finally, we were transported into small spikes ‘alveoli’ through countless of paths ‘bronchioles’. A few minutes ago, an unstoppable pressure forced us out of the spikes and you must know everything after that.” He sighed and looked anxious. Probably, he was worrying about his future, but I can’t help anymore.

At the time, Grandpa Y came next to me. “Alex, why do you look so upset? Don’t you wanna hear some stories?” In a second, I threw away everything behind my head and said to myself, “How shameful I am!”

“All of us actually follow the orders from the capital ‘Nervous System’. When the palace ‘Medulla Oblongata’ nearly ran out of slaves, the observers ‘aortic and carotid bodies’ who are part of the department ‘chemoreceptors’ would report it to the king. What’s more, the other department ‘stretch receptors’ who are responsible for it, would also send a report to the king. Our king would hold a ritual in ‘respiratory center’ to request more new slaves. The first station for Oxygen ‘thoracic cavity’ will enlarge and expand to hold as many slaves as it can. Therefore, the border ‘diaphragm’ will move to its spot and the protection covered ‘ribcage’ will be moved by super strong men ‘intercostal muscles’. At the time, the volume of the continent increases, but the pressure decreases. That’s the reason why you guys can diffuse from the spikes to our ships.”

“Look, Alex, a few of my friends are swimming behind us. Could you please save them?” When I was still immersed in the story, the shout of Oxygen woke me up. I looked at Grandpa Y to look for the reason why they had to swim.

“I am afraid that we can’t help your friends. There is no space for them to sit on the ship because we don’t have so much ships, but don’t worry too much. They are carried by plasma and they will arrive safely. However, I have to remind you that when you accept the calling, there is no turning back. Don’t try to escape. You can even not get out this continent ‘lung’ because there is a pleural membrane around it. Now, take a rest. We will arrive the destination tomorrow morning.”


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