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The Day I Read People's Thoughts

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Some people who are successful in life try to remember their worst day in their entire life. The worst day in my life made me believe in god almighty and taught me a lesson that I might never forget. The day after my eleventh birthday was the worst day in my entire life. When I arrived in school I everybody‘s mind including my enemies and my best friends. Best friends are usually people who help their friend when in trouble and also people who wish good things for us. Unlike other people' best friends my friends' thoughts were about getting me in trouble. Bad days are sometimes a way of facing reality that is latent.

Not all bad days are always about bad things happening but their also not about lesson that we should learn. There is more than one reason why bad days should occur. My enemies who were once my best buddies thoughts were about making me realize who my best friend were. This made me realize how intrepid my once best buddies are. I wanted to teach my best friends a lesson so instead of going to meet my once best buddies I went to meet them. My mother is a law student from Harvard and my father studied medicine Harvard. They were very smart so was I. I always did my best friends homework because I thought they did not understand but I now understand I was wrong. I was letting them use me. Most people in life try use others talents for their own good.

Talented people think it is a person who uses their talent for their own good as evil. The people who are talented let themselves to be used have faults. The talented person could have not done what the other people use them for their good. My best friend Lisa had project to submit tomorrow. She wanted me to do it for her so I brought all the necessary tools to finish it. When I was near my best friends I could hear their thoughts more clearly and loudly. Lisa's thoughts were about the project that was due tomorrow. I

Knew was going to ask me about that so before she said anything I acted dolefully said, "Lisa I am not smart like you so I could not finish project sorry." Lisa thought I was rude and was planning to say it. Before she said anything I said bye and left to see


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