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The Civil War Period in America

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Mr. Pasqua

U.S History

16 November 2017

2nd Quarter Common Assessment

The civil war was a dark period of time for America . It was between the northern and the southern states. One of the main focuses of the war was the view on slavery. The north was completely against slavery and the south was all for it. Their views were different and people didn’t really agree.

A group of men sat down and wrote a letter stating that they are against slavery. In this letter they say that slavery is the most capricious and oppressive system to ever exist. They were completely against the idea of slavery and anyone who was for it. This didn't really make the southern states happy because they were pro slavery. The south relied on slavery for their economy. That's how all the work got done because the whites didn't do anything.

One of the main differences between the north and the south was their economy. The north was making a lot more money than the south. There industry and factories were the source of all that money which also helped them buy resources for the war. The south on the other hand was mainly agrarian which means they farmed.


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