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Syren Book Review

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Section 1: You are ordered to feed a person to a monster octopus creature thing, and there is no way to avoid this. The creature has not been fed for 50 years. And thing is, that person is a friend. The title of this book is Syren.The author is Angie Sage. And the genre is fiction.

Section 2: The story first takes place in a harbor, where the trading post is. Throughout the book, other settings are an island, and a castle. The major characters are Tertius Fume, Septimus, Marcia, Aunt Zelda, Spit Fyre, Jenna, Nicko, Lucy Gringe, Milo, and Wolf boy. The minor characters, are Snorri and Simon. The story starts with Septimus,(a powerful wizard) who gets promoted. With his newfound freedom, he wants to set off to get his relatives. The author states, “I shall get them.” While the Septimus is leaving on the dragon he has raised, his best friend was on a difficult and dangerous task to get a certain position (job). He was to cut the tip of one of the tentacles of the creature in the witch’s home. The author wrote, “ We give you this, she replied, poking Lucy sharply with the spade. What say you? Wolf Boy took a very deep breath. Yes, he said.,” and “I wouldn’t be sending you if I didn’t think you could do this task.” While Wolf boy was dealing with that, Simon(Septimus’s brother) had a girlfriend he couldn’t find. After searching for what felt for him like decades, he saw Lucy and Wolf boy running away from a witch. While he is watching uselessly, he sees them jump on a boat. The boat carried a rude crew that almost took the trespassers overboard. After the boat’s crew stole a bright brilliant light from a cat shaped lighthouse, it then sailed to another island. On that island, Septimus was there stranded. His dragon was badly struck by a lightning bolt, while returning from a failed trip to bring back his family. The author wrote, “From directly above, a great craaaack of lightning snaked down and, this time, it scored a hit-Spit Fyre was sent reeling.,” and “...Beetle saw that there were no friendly lights of the Port awaiting them.” The island that Septimus was on happened to be the same island that the boat with Lucy and Wolf Boy was headed. While on the island, Septimus found a friend he met 500 years ago. All those years the girl was being possessed which prolonged her life. She saw that the dragon was not healing well and made a deal with Septimus. If Septimus would help her, she would help the dragon live. The girl wanted Septimus to seal a hatch in a hidden place underground. He had the


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