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Sunniva Super Coffee

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We already know coffee is the most commonly consumed beverage – even more than water, but why don’t we have more options, specifically, healthy ones? Most of us get our coffee from Starbucks, Dunkin donuts, or one of the other many coffee shops that runs high on price and calories. We drink coffee to feel better and be a better version of ourselves, but we don’t have many options when trying to be healthy but still energized. Sunniva Super Coffee is here to the rescue. Sunniva prides itself on having a healthy option that won’t hurt your wallet.

Sunniva Super Coffee is setting new standards for what healthy, affordable, and delicious coffee consists of. Our coffee is made with 100% organic Columbian coffee beans blended with 10 grams of lactose free protein and healthy fats from coconut oil. Not only is our coffee boosting your energy, but its nutritious ingredients help ease digestion, lower cholesterol, and improve brain function. Our competitors don’t match our nutrition and are packed with sugars and calories that will end up making you crash.

Our competitors are also not making our prices. We are currently selling each coffee for $3.29 while others are nearing $4-7. Our cost to produce this product is $1.05 including labeling, blending, ingredients, boxing, and pallets. We then sell to distributors for $1.85 and bringing in a gross margin profit of 43%. We raised 1.3 million in the last two years and have profits of $600k cumulatively. We have grown this company from our own dorm rooms and have signed major deals with retail stores.

We have recently signed a national partnership with the largest food service provider – Compass Group. This will put us in corporate cafeteria, offices, and college campuses. We are also selling our product through Target, Whole Foods, Wegman’s, and Wawa. We have made $400k in revenue this year and are expecting growth up to $2.1 million year-end.


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