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Summary and Introduction for Marketing Report

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1. Executive summary

This report will show some collecting information, analysis referring to Kaifeng Xing Sheng De food co., LTD and local business market and some advice for running the company in the local market.

In the first section, the overview of this report such as purpose of the plan, scope of the collecting information and the methodology to collect is presented. it is a brief introduction about this report.

In the next section, situation analysis about local market, company, products, environment, customers, competitors and SWOT analysis are presented then. A detailed description referring to the whole market in food industry which can help to know the current situation better in Kaifeng is given in this part.

At the rest section, marketing objectives will be put out, target market is set and some strategies which can help to propose marketing are shown. To make it completely, a proper marketing budget is essential. The budget can tell where the money should go and let you know how to do better in such a market.

At the end of the report, the full report is summarized briefly.

2. Introduction

2.1 Purpose of the plan

This report which will show you some information about Kaifeng Xing Sheng De food co., LTD, the main pastry, peanut, deli and beverage selling company in Kaifeng is prepared for my teacher and be written in April. Some advice about marketing methods, strategies, improved


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