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Shouting Silence

By:   •  November 18, 2018  •  Essay  •  269 Words (2 Pages)  •  717 Views

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Shouting Silence

For a reticent extrovert like me, writing has been my sanctuary. The notions that keep on lingering on my mind are set into words and not into actions, anxious about being misunderstood. But despite of showing it out through written words, I still can't manage to let someone read my oeuvres.

Then one day, my compositions have been exposed to one of my classmates. And with the confidence-boosting remarks she gave me, I urged my self to join again the School Press Conference.

In this event, I'm still hesitant on what I am writing but thanks God, persistence is taking over in me. I made it to be one of the campus journalist that will join the Division School Press Confererence. And it feels so surreal that I expressed the things I once kept myself.

And suddenly, unspoken thoughts, withheld hatred, and nourished secret emotions are now finally flowing out like a raging river, hungry of freedom


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