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Should Death Penalty Be Illegal?

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Should death Penalty be illegal?

How many of you have watched the drama serial Khani? Wow well that serial did break the charts!

Now imagine yourself in the same situation with a little tweak, that you are in love with the person who killed your brother and according to your state’s law a murder will be only repented with capital punishment- Death. Imagine the state of mind you would be in with a turmoil of thoughts swirling inside your brain where everything seems right and wrong at the same time.

Capital punishment or death penalty as I should say has been there for a long time , since the justice system was brought to the table for retribution as well as deterrence. But the question is does this system of punishment really works? What if we make a mistake about an execution? The crime committed does it warrant this punishment or there are options to consider?

Let’s look both sides of the story. Some people claim that punishments are meant to serve as a rehabilitation for culprits so they can learn from their mistakes and repent. If that is true than death can never be an option because once dead, can you learn?  However there are people who may object by proclaiming that  the goal of punishment is not always be to rehabilitate criminals. Premeditated murder is one of the most severe crimes one can commit, the motivations for its punishment need not be the same as for petty theft or other less severe crimes.



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