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Sangrafix Game Designing Company

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SanGrafix is a video and game designing company which is in San Francisco, CA. SanGrafix is a company which deals with games, visual and other video related works. Considering the real world, the company has adopted the latest technology in the market which are available. Besides that, our company came up with an idea that, in the real competition world there are many companies which gives a tough competition in same field and to sustain from the competition there should be a special case so that company will gain some profits rather than fluctuating. So, there was secondary location in Sunnyvale, CA which works especially on Gaming Designing and product stuff. Therefore, the company has built up a BCP i.e. Business Continuity Plan and a proper Disaster recovery plan. Likewise, we have to implement new risk evaluation techniques so that, whenever the company was in low stages each and every employee must tackle the situation and learn how to resolve it and more important thing is staying from cybercrimes or virus which are generally called cyberattacks.

Policy and Policy Statement

The policy of Sangrafix was like a proper BCP should be implemented, a proper analysis risks should be done to implement BCP. Updating the BCP should be done with change in the trend. Results should be observed only after BCP implementation to see the results.

People who are working in the company especially like Q&A follows particular standards and don’t fall under the threshold value. Because if they fall below the threshold value, then the company will not sustain for a long time.

Communicating with Employees

The company should train the people or the employee regarding the BCP. Before assigning the work to the employees, they have to educate them and organization should conduct meetings, notify in notice board.

Main Criteria

Sales and Marketing Media

Marketing should be done in different ways. One of the main marketing way is social media like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, webchat etc. Because most of the people are involved in many social networking sites. People will be playing many online games and we have to identify what modes of games were played the people and then we start designing such kind of games. When this happens only, the sales will be done in good amount. Nearly 40 employees are working in the company in sales and marketing section.

Let us see what kind of games does people may according to the ages.

35% word games (18-22 years)- Men 50% adventure games (13-17 years)- Women

30% shooting games 18-22 years)-Men 43% sporting games 13-17 years)- Women

30% sport games (18-22 years)-Men 20% sea games (13-17 years)- Women

Table 1: Games played for both Men and Women

Accounting and pay roll

The accounts department is the most important department that each employee love because the pay will be done in an exact and fare manner. I pay will be credited in bank account directly. All the financial works and companies’ profits and losses are taken care of by the accounts department. 10 employees work in accounts department.

Verification or simulation of Game

The main function is to verify the game is simulation is done in a proper way or not. If we find any faults or errors, then the QA will send to testing department to fix the errors and resend it back. A special team was allotted to do this fixing work with typical software.

Research and Development

SanGrafix has 48 employees in Research and development department. The main important work of the employees is to research in the present world, what people are preferring in games. They have to come up with a brand-new thought so that company must be benefited. Moreover, they must be back off new technology and update their work with technology. The ultimate motto is to sustain when compared to the competitors.

Order processing, Shipping and Receiving

SanGrafix has huge team under this department. 36 employees were working in the department to take of online orders and shipping the product to the customer and take care until the product is reached to the customer. Because if we take care about the customer then we can build a good business relationship with the customer. So, a huge infrastructure is setup like pc’s, phones and huge database to store the info of customers. This department is one of the main important branch to increases sales and income.

Technical Services

The Tech department in the company serves a major department which will be updated with present technology. The emerging technology should be implemented with evolving technology. This department re-modifies the games with new features. So parallelly, the BCP should be in updated according o the changes made in gaming tech. 20 employees are working in the Technical support department.


Protection and security measures must be taken to protect the protocols, database and other company property. A strong security system should be installed. A 24 hours security systems and detectors should be done. A full check of employees and other people should be done while they leave office. Because no one should carry out the company property.

Upper Management

The upper management consists of President, Vice-president and CEO. These supervisors are in charge of controlling and managing the whole association. They create objectives, vital plans, organization arrangements, and settle on choices on the bearing of the business. Furthermore, best level supervisors assume a noteworthy part in the preparation of outside assets. Best level directors are responsible to the investors and overall population.

Secretarial and office management

The main important work of a secretary change by industry or business, however a few undertakings are basic


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