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Plastic Surgery

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One of the few things we have in life is choice. We choose what we want and do not want, just like plastic surgery. Some people just want a nose job or plumper lips, others want a slimmer waist or bigger eyes, or they just want it all. Plastic surgery is one on the main ways many people achieve their desired perfection. It changes things that has bothered someone their entire life. More recently cosmetic surgery has become fairly common solution to imperfections among people. With that many have pondered the question why would someone want to go under the knife for something so minor as their appearance. Weather someone can or cannot change themself should not be up to anyone but one’s self. We as a society should leave people alone without limitations because it is their life and money, if someone is not allowed to achieve their perfect self they may resort to unsafe practices, and if we were not always trying to better ourselves we would never make advancements in technology.

First and foremost, people can get surgeries to change themselves for the simple reason, it is their life. Plastic surgery is a personal choice and it only affects the person who pursuing it so, it should not affect others who just witness it. For instance, Pixee Fox , a 25 year old who has undergone 19 surgeries, stated “What I want to do is get a message out there that whatever you decide to do you should dare to be yourself and surround yourself with people that support you for who you are inside.” In the end, nothing else matters what's on the inside and if someone feels on the inside that they need to change something to make themselves feel better they should do it. Society should not push them down because they want to be different. It is not only their life but their money. Many adults save money for years to put down onto their plastic surgery. Working long nights or just managing to convince people into helping it is still money they worked for. Pixee “...paid for 11 of the procedures out of her own earning and saving but the rest...were paid by fans…” Money is something that is essential to getting surgeries. No matter what your going out of pocket if you want to have cosmetic surgerys. All know the risk plus the cost and still go through with having surgery because it makes them happy. The most important person that needs to be happy first is yourself.

Furthermore, without the help of professionals many would turn to mutilating themselves to achieve their preferred look. People may start to feel emotional distress regarding their appearance. They tend to focus on little things that other might not even notice. This is called Body Dysmorphic Disorder, it can lead to unsafe practices. “... a person may attempt to “correct” his or her perceived flaw… Some people with BDD have even attempted to perform on themselves when they could not persuade a plastic surgeon


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