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Phil and Claire - Modern Family

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Phil and Claire worked very hard to prepare the party for Luke, but Claire thought Phil's rock climbing was dangerous, partly because it was the first day for worker, Claire prepared the craftsmanship table, and Camron dressed as a clown to the party. Then when Camron and Mitchel were at the gas station, someone drove into Mitchel's ass but didn't apologize. Camron got out of the car and used his behavior to make the man apologize. Mitchel was very happy, but Phil was afraid of clowns. Jay,Luke’s grandfather,gave Luke a bow and arrow, and taught him how to use .Manny told jokes to the girl that he liked, but still didn't get the girl's attention. Haley wanted to keep the girl away from talking to her boyfriend. therefore,she let a poisonous scorpion out of the box (though she probably didn't know it was a poisonous scorpion), but the scorpion caused a lot of things. Because then Luke saw the lizard, and when he was afraid, he accidentally shot his bow and arrow at the trampoline, and the trampoline began to get smaller, and the children were afraid to make horrible screams. Fortunately, the children came out with the help of adults. The best thing for Manny is that the girls and balloon puppies were eventually rescued by him, which is no doubt a good performance opportunity for Manny, because the scene was very chaotic. The craftsmanship table was knocked over, and Luke fell his arm and went to the hospital as he ran by. Thankfully, he was not seriously injured. The doctor put a plaster on him, and Luke was happy to see everyone coming to the hospital to see him.Finally ask everyone to sign their own plaster.


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