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Oil Consumption

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Oil consumption

Oil is a vital mineral resource that brings many advantages to human life. It is used frequently to support many different aspects of modern life such as vehicles, clothes, and food. These days, oil tends to be used more than produced which has led to its depletion. Many experts have predicted that oil could run out in 40 years if consumption continues at the present rate. This report will present this problem and offer some short-term and long-term solutions for them in Vietnam.

Oil exploitation globally has increased rapidly in recent times. First of all, it can be used in agriculture. Presently, farmers use paraffinic oil to manage pests and diseases of plants. According to the survey, the paraffinic oil consumption of Vietnam reached 16 million ton per year. Secondly, oil is used for transportation. Vietnamese's demand for transport is increasing higher and higher at the present time. According to the research showed that 360,000 barrels of oil are used every day. This is an issue which we cannot continue to ignore any longer.

It is worth preparing solutions to solve that problem and indeed, there are several short-term strategies which can be adopted. Firstly, the government should encourage people to recycle oil derivatives. For example, the government could invest money in recycling centers where people can bring used bottles, cups or containers. This will help us give a new life to these used products and so protect what oil reserves we have left. Secondly, the government should increase taxes on oil products. This will motivate people to reduce their reckless use of this vital resource.

In the long-term, the government should educate the public on the importance of oil. For instance, the government creates an oil depletion slogan to raise awareness of people. These messages could be delivered in television adverts, at bus stops, on the side of buildings and even taught in schools. In addition, we can use modern technologies to develop another better public transports. For instance, the specialist engineer should invent more electric cars and bikes.

To sum up, oil is beginning to become depleted now and we need to prepare to transition away from it in the coming years. In the short-term solutions, recycling plastic and increasing taxes would help begin to move people away from oil dependence, while raising the awareness of people and inventing more electric cars or bikes are potential solutions in the long-term. These above solutions can decline the oil consumption of people.




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