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Ml’s Home Tutor Service

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Nowadays, students from several classes are shy to ask their teachers what they didn’t know from the previous class, some are lazy and afraid of doing the homework which are given to them. In this case, if you are one of them, you can improve your weaknesses by joining our ML’s home tutor service, we promise to help you become better and better.

In our program, our tutors always try their best to support and do whatever to improve your study, they can also explain things that you didn’t understand at school. Moreover, they are able to help you with your difficult homework or get you prepare for the lesson tomorrow so that you don’t have to worry or feel nervous if you are asked by your teacher. Furthermore, our tutors can teach you things which aren’t taught at school, which is very cool and beneficial for you to know more. However, our main point is still helping you become better and better, for example, our tutors won’t write an essay for you or do all your homework, which you have to do. They just give their ideas for you to work with your essay or some math formulas for you to calculate by yourself, our point is to make you think creatively and widely so that you will be able to do your homework on your own whether there aren’t any tutors next to you.

About the fee, it depends on your choice because there are two ways for you to choose your tutoring teacher. If you are scared to work alone, you can have a tutor group which is just about two to three person including the tutor. The price will be cheaper than having your own private tutor with different kind of subjects that you want to improve. So why chooses our service? Our company has been working for 10 years and had lots of reputations for teaching well and improving students who need help. Also, our teachers are well studied, experienced, and graduated from well-known universities. Moreover, they are very responsible in teaching and always on time except rainy days or traffic jam, you will get have a notification if our tutors come late. And especially, you can have back your money if you don’t improve in three weeks.


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