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Law for Marekting

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What cause a valid contract includes agreement: which is offer and acceptance.

In the case, James see a online feature of Brighton sculptor Heather Thomas together with an advertisement "Animal sculptures for sales 2000 pounds", It is necessary to figure out an offer from an invitation to treat. An invitation to treat is a pre-offer where one party is asking someone else to make him an offer . So in this point the advertisement is an invitation to treat.

An offer is a proposal setting out certain terms made by the Offeror with a promise to be bound by that proposal if the Offeree accepts the terms. In the case, James and Heather meet up in 2nd December, James tells Heather " I'll give you 1500 pounds for this sculpture". Heather responds "Call it 2000 pounds" and James disgruntled, says he will think about it. After


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