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Jose's Authentic Mexican Restaurant

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Case write up : Jose's authentic Mexican restaurant


Jose's authentic Mexican restaurant is a very small and a 58 seat restaurant which they provide the variety of Mexican food and it is prepared and and also its gone be presented in the traditional Mexican style and it is located in the new England which is in a grown up business district and it os edge of the large metropolitan area. The interior decoration of the restaurant which signifies the Mexican style and the ambience and atmosphere is in a Mexican way, with a Mexican food and a Mexican background music.

Problem statement

The various set of choices which consists of the twenty three main entrees in which it is assembled from the eight basic stocks and also various types of other ingredients and moreover the restaurant which is restricted in the seating and also free off-street parking and the Mexican tasty foods and also Mexican music which make up for the wait and a huge problem is on weekends  i.e., on Friday night, Saturdays and Sunday, so it will take around as long as 45 minutes wait and also can be encountered because the space which is there inside for the waiting is so limited and the main problem is there is no separate waiting area and the another problem is that the restaurant does not take the advance booking.

Key factors

*) Restaurant capacity :: As we know it is very small restaurant,so jose's doesn't have that much space to serve the customers on friday and saturday night unfortunately it is on that day it is so demanding

*) No Reservation policy :: One more disadvantage is,the restaurant does not take the reservation, so if the customers will come on the friday night and on weekends they should wait upto 45 minutes or even more.

*) No Separate waiting section:: The restaurant does not have any sought of the waiting area for the customers, so if the restaurant is filled up,the customers should wait outside the restaurant.

*) Poor Time management:: In the weekdays it takes about roughly around 12 minutes to complete a meal once the order is placed. So in the busu schedule it may take take more than 20 minutes.

*) Poor quality materials:: Because of the poor quality of some of the ingredients, the restaurant costs increases and there is a chance of ordering the new ingredients or else if the restaurant continuous using the poor ingredients the quality of the food will be lower.

*) Job functionality:: The food who cooks need some of the staff ti help them out to reduce the waiting time of the customers.

Decision Criteria / Measure of effectiveness

*) Total income = The total income of the restaurant is always high.

*) The time need to complete a meal and serve to the table = The time need to complete a meal and serve to the table would be reduced down and in other words its decreases.

*) Customer survey = Customer survey which has gain better results and the amount of complaints from the customers which is less in number, So there is not that much complaints from the customer.

*) Internal failure costs = Internal failure costs which exists due to the mistake made by the cooks at the time of production process for example placing the wrong cooking order or else mixing with the wrong ingridients.

Alternatives and analysis

Any business we consider the quality is so important to satisfy the customer in terms of service or the product. So the main thing the Jose’s restaurant should offer is the service, value to the customers  and reliability of the customer experience and also overall customer satisfaction and the quality of the product should be the top priority for the restaurant and customer satisfaction is defined as the measurement of the service or the product which meets or exceeds customer expectations and therefore the restaurants should focus on its customer needs and requirements and strive to exceed their expectations and the factors which affect the quality of the service and are conformance to particular specification,value,fitness for use ,support and also even they should create the brand of standard impression and also food should be delivered and served as to be what is there on the menu.


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