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How to Change Car Oil

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Dustin Nguyen

Ms. Libhart

Writing Seminar 2

30 Jan, 2018

How to Change Car Oil

Does the mechanic charge you a lot on changing your car oil? Normally, they charge you about $75 to $90. Especially, when it comes to maintaining your car, it always costs a vast amount of money each year. Keeping the car healthy and workable is essential. Knowing how to change your car oil will help. With a couple methods and about 45 minutes of working, you can save hundreds of dollars.

Tool you need before changing car oil: Wheel chalk / blocks (if you don’t have find 2

medium size piece of wood), a jack, 2 jack stands, a drain pan, rubber gloves, a wrench. Material you need for changing car oil: oil, oil filter.

First, safety is always needed. When you are dealing with a car, it is necessary to make sure that you are safe and the workplace is safe. The car cannot be moved around and it should be held in one place until you are done with the job. In order to stabilize the car, you need to put the wheel chalk, or blocks, on two back wheels of the car (a reminder you can use two pieces of wood to do this). There are three jacking points: one is underneath the car, other two are located on both sides of your car. Then you should read the instructions about the jacking points to jack the car up. Last thing before lowering the middle jack, you should make sure that the car is sustained and wait about 10 minutes to let the car cool down.

Second, wearing rubber glove to avoid oil spill over your hand. Then under the car, there is a oil pan next to the transmission. You should set the drain pan underneath the oil pan. Next to that, try to find the engine drain plug, and loosen the oil plug by the proper sized socket or a crescent wrench, then you can easy remove it by hand. Warning, the oil immediate came out when you pull the engine drain plug.You should wait for several minutes for all oil in the car drain out. Then clean the the drain and the plug, and put back the plug after cleaning it. You should locate the filter, the filter is not put in a standard location,


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