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How Will Uber Laundry Will Work?

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How Will Uber Laundry Will Work:

 Step One – Request. The customer requests a car instantly or on schedule via the app. The details are sent to the nearest driver.

Step two – Matching. The driver may either accept or reject the delivery. If he rejects, the request is sent to another driver.

Step three – Ride. The customer tracks the taxi approach and knows the estimated time of arrival.

Step four – Payment. The cashless way of payment and beforehand estimated price makes this process enjoyable.

Step five – Rating. It is an important component of Uber’s business logic which enhances service reliability.

Uber Driver app features allow:

  • Personal profile editing
  • ‘Active / Inactive’ option. Active drivers are visible on the map, inactive aren’t
  • Activity alerts. The app informs the driver when he is chosen and displays the estimated ride fare
  • Calling to a passenger from the app
  • Generating daily / monthly reports of past bookings and earnings

Uber Passenger app features allow:

  • Manage personal information
  • Book a taxi as needed
  • Call or text the driver right from the app
  • See estimated fare and personal discount
  • Track an approaching taxi
  • Automatic payment execution with possibility to split the fare with a fellow traveler
  • Rate the driver after the ride


1. How much does it cost to build an app like Uber?

2. Location & Coverage (Maps, GPS, Routing)

The cost of building:

Developers usually need from 140 hours to integrate location and routing feature.

  • geolocation – 32 hours
  • create a ride – 35 hours
  • track the ride – 74 hours

Taking an average price of $50 per hour for app development services in our region, we can estimate the cost – $7,000.

3. Payments: There Are 4 Elements To Calculate The Fare

  • Base fare
  • Cost per mile
  • Cost per minute
  • Safe rides fee.

The cost of building:

Integrating payment gateway in an app is the most tedious process. That’s why it takes more time and, therefore, money.

  • payment gateway integration – 60+ hours
  • add / scan a card – 40 hours
  • get price – 14 hours
  • Total 114+ hours will cost you $5,700 at a $50/hour rate.

4. Registration and Profiles

The cost of building:

To implement registration and profiles, developers may need up to 125 hours.

  • sign in / out – 8 hours
  • registration / authorization via email – 19 hours
  • registration / authorization via social media – 8 hours each
  • registration / authorization via the phone number – 32 hours
  • profile editing – 48 hours
  • review / voting – 10 hours

Therefore, the cost for this simple feature hits $6,200 at a rate of $50 per hour

5. Communication and Notifications

Push notification integration requires around 40 hours of development time. The cost of SMS alert integration may vary from 30 to 60 hours, depending on telecommunication provider APIs integration complexity.

  • Push notifications – 40 hours
  • SMS integration – 30+ hours

Thus, to allow your app communicate with the user, you need at least $3,500 at $50/hour rate.

6. Design

The design time expenses start from 48 hours for simple design and can go up to 170 hours for an eye-catching one. Let’s take a ‘median’ one that takes 60 hours of work.


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