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Gyuzo Business Report

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Research Findings

Information system helps Gyuzo throughout its business process in a variety of ways as discussed below.

It can be seen that electronic tablets are regularly used in Gyuzo’s business process. In collecting data process, Gyuzo uses electronic tablets when an order is placed and a payment is made by customers. It enables customers to order casually and conveniently since customers are able to see photos of all products and ordering on electronic devises which can skip the process of ordering face to face with workers. It is also useful to avoid troubles of ordering and payment between customers and workers by recording all order placements in electronic tablets.

In terms of costs for employees, Gyuzo allows its business process to be operated effectively and efficiently with less employees and reduces costs by using electronic devises for collecting data unlike manual process costs lots more workers. Gyuzo also reduces costs for promoting by using one of the biggest social network services; Facebook. Thus, a great number of people are able to visit their page and find information about Gyuzo without costing any money.


There are still things that could be improved by using the information system to operate their business process more effectively.

Firstly, the data sent from electronic tablets to their computer is transferred to the database through Microsoft Excel. However, the data from electronic tablets does not come through Excel and a manual process is needed to input data on their computer on Excel in order to be sent data to the database. This process would take longer than automatic process and may cause misinterpreting since it is a manual process. Therefore, an alternative way to send data from electronic tablets to their computer, which enables their computer to send data from electronic tablets to the database without inputting data again on Excel, would help Gyuzo improve its business process with information system.

Secondly, information of Gyuzo’s employees is kept in hard documents. When comparing the storing of personnel information, Gyuzo should use electronic devices to store such information. By having these files stored on a computer the advantages include easy access, privacy and the ability to have multiple copies in case anything happens. If Gyuzo were to store this information in hard copy, such as on paper


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