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Google Business Administration

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Google has grown into an extremely popular company whose name is known across the entire globe. Their products have proven them to be a company in the technology field that has succeeded in more than one aspect of this industry that they are in. Google has provided its customers with many resources that makes everyday life easier. From their search engines that can look up information on something one has never heard of, or their phone which allows communication, and even their glasses brings innovation to everyday life. With everything they have accomplished it is important to look at the future of this company by taking a deeper look into the business plan. This business plan shows the breakdown of Google as a company and how they will reach their goals.


Google’s mission statement is "to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful” (Executive, C. 2017). Their mission statement shows how their company it changing the way the world uses technology. Google’s vision statement is “to provide access to the world’s information in one click” (Thompson, A. 2017). These statements play an important role in this company because it acts as a strong example of who they are and why they hope to accomplish.

Environmental Analysis and Industry Analysis:

There are five forces of competition include the threat of entry of other firms, suppliers and their power to bargain, buyers and their power to bargain, threat of replacement products, competing firms and the competition amongst existing firms. Each one of these forces play an important role in Google as a company. An environmental analysis can really help Google see the opportunities.

Marketing Plan:

A marketing plan plays such an important role in Googles success. There are a few different aspects that should be looked at when creating and carrying out a successful marketing plan. “Positioning is a marketing concept that outlines what a business should do to market its product or service to its customers” (Lauren, 2017). Their target market is millennials with their innovation in their products. After determining the target market, it is important to determine the goals and figure out how they are going to be achieved. The main goals here would be to sell a quality product by making them accessible to customers.

Organizational and Operational Plan:

The organizational and operational plan play such an important role in any given business. Each team member contributes their fair share of talents and skills that can contribute to the organization. With the operational plan, the supply chain for Google holds a huge value. The partners and suppliers are important because they can help us to develop a strong product as well as carry it out to consumers. By having partners, Google can place their Google glass products in their stores. These plans are put into place in order to help the firm run more smoothly.

Financial Plan:

Google’s financial plan includes a few different aspects that set a strong foundation for how the company is running. The financial plan shows how much Google is expected to sell and how much revenue the company is supposed to bring in. Our net income will grow and continue to grow into the next couple of years. Google is in good standings with their finances and will continue to be as well. Using this financial plan that has been put into


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