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Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster

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                In 11th March 2011, Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster happened because of earthquake and tsunami to cause the nuclear meltdown, radioactive material release and hydrogen air explode. For the main reason of happening huge disaster is because of there is a one-metre-wide hole created by nuclear fuel melted so that it makes the cooling system does not work. (Justin, 2017) However, actually the fault is the problem of over rely on the nuclear power because Japan does not have abundant resources for generating energy. Therefore, Japan decided to invest nuclear power to generate energy but while the plan in processing, the disaster happened. Hence, did Japan does a good risk assessment before they decided to generate nuclear power and prevent earthquake and tsunami comes?

                According to the article, there are some scientists had been predicted there will be a big earthquake and tsunami happen but the official unheeded the warning and did not plan to do earthquake hazard assessment. (Becky, 2017) For this reason, it brings a lot of problems to resident and following will explain more about the problems affect the resident, environment and the worldwide.

                Firstly, the nuclear disaster makes radioactive materials release and affect the health of all lives in Fukushima. As the radioactive materials are the isotope od Cesium and iodine, so if people or animals intake or uptake too much of them will cause infertility, cancer or even death. Actually, those radioactive material can be existed in air, water and anywhere so that the health of resident in there will be affected seriously. Besides, not only the physical health of people affected, but also their mentally health. It is because there are many residents are farmer and they earn money and maintain their life based on their harvest. Since their harvest was contaminated by the radiation so that their products cannot be eaten and sold, therefore they cannot earn any money from their efforts. Besides, they have to move to less radiation affected area to live, so they lose their home and properties. Although the government gave some compensation money to them, there is not enough for them use in long period. In addition, they can farm in the less affected area, but they do not willing to plant in large area because the radiation level is very unstable in different region. Thus, they cannot earn much more money for maintaining their original life and they withstand the pressure and it may become a serious mental problem for them and it shows the nuclear disaster risk to them very much.

                Moreover, the nuclear disaster also bring harm to our environment. Owing to the nuclear meltdown to release out radioactive materials which is Cs-137 that can absorb the top layer of soil for many years. (Catherine, 2016) Therefore, it contaminated the soil and affect the farming and agriculture. As the agriculture or plantings will be eaten by other animals, other animals will be eaten by other animals and finally will be eaten by human. Not only the soil contaminated, but also the water too because when the nuclear reactor cooling system does not work, they used seawater to cool down the reactor. However, they finally discharged the contaminated seawater back to the ocean. It makes the radioactive material penetrate ocean and at the same case, there are some algae or microorganisms live in water and intake the radiate water and ate by other organisms and other bigger fishes ate the organisms and accumulate those radioactive materials in body finally they ate by human. It totally damaging the food chain of the environment and whole ecosystem.

                Lastly, the nuclear disaster risks to the worldwide. As the above mentioned, the seawater that used to cool the reactor release back to sea and there is discover about the contaminated water seep to Eastern Pacific and it may affect to the countries near Eastern Pacific such as United States and Canada. Although the video about the seminar of talking the impacts of Fukushima brings to Pacific is not very serious and do not find any obvious investigation to prove Fukushima nuclear disaster affect to Pacific in 2014, there is an update news about Fukushima nuclear meltdown affect the marine life. The report mentioned there are some bluefin tuna which is endangered species in southern California founded radioactive materials and after tracing to confirm the radiation materials from Fukushima. (Beachapedia, 2017) Therefore, the contaminated seawater can seep to eastern Pacific, it can also seep to whole Pacific in long term and the ocean in the world may contaminate in coming future. Thus, impacts of Fukushima nuclear meltdown will not only problem of Japan because it also affects the whole world.


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