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Financial Analysis and Interpretation of Koyenco

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Chapter One


Industry Profile------------2

Company Profile----------3

Koyenco Feeds------------5

Organizational Chart-----7

Product Profile------------8


In world level most of the countries commenced their business to enjoy the benefits of global trade. India is a developing country its main source of income is composed by its vast agriculture. The development of this field automatically led to the development of industries further accelerated the progress of this nation. Green Revolution is a term related with the increase in the agricultural products. Along with agriculture, poultry farming and rearing cattle etc are the other sources of income to villages, male or female who wish to rear cattle will help them to provide a living out of it. Some people consider it as main source of income, some others consider it as a part of income and few consider only for their personal use.

Those who are engaged in rearing of cattle may look for the income out of milk and others may look for by-products; therefore they are specified to provide proper health care for their cattle whereby their income will increase. It has been perceived that due to increase in population and urbanization, grassland which are considered as a basic requirement for cattle rearing are reducing day by day and now realized that in the present condition grasslands for cattle rearing will not be dependable factor. This will compel them to identify an alternative which resulted in to depending on cattle feed. Indian cattle feed industry is the integral part of Indian agriculture and contributes to the well being of villages.

Kerala is not an exception to this. In Kerala also number of companies was set up to provide right cattle feeds to villages which are depending on cattle rearing. Koyenco, SKM, Milma, Kerala feeds etc are some of the important cattle feed products.

Koyenco Group of Companies

Koyenco was set up as a trading firm in Calicut Big Bazaar back in 1969; they entered the industrial section with the establishment of solvent Extraction plant in 1984, to latest established Koyenco Mobikes in 2000. The company was initiated by Mr. P.P. Koya & Mr. P.V. Hussain three decades ago. Their unbreakable partnership survived for long and reached the present stage on Koyenco group of companies. Now the Koyenco is a legend in South India, with 30 years of experience. The company started its first cattle feed plant in 1988 in the name of Koyenco Feeds Private Ltd. In addition to animal feed business the company has already constructed many prestigious buildings, roads and bridges. These include supper specialty wing of Calicut Medical College, Kappad Beach Resort, Kannur radio station etc. the company has also undertaken public work assignments.

In 1995 the group entered into iron and steel manufacturing with the establishment of Koyenco Iron & Steel Company Private Ltd. (KISCo). They have a melting plant and a re-rolling plant with a capacity of 80-100 tones. The recent ventures of Koyenco group are Koyenco Motors and Koyenco Mobikes, Koyenco Motors Market Tata Cars and Koyenco Mobikes Market Hero Honda, Motorcycles etc. the company has a good transportation wing under the name of Koyenco transports.

Koyenco Company is now attempting on several joint ventures in Gulf countries and it has already entered into joint venture with French cattle feed giant GOYOMARSH international in order to improve the quality and production capacity of the existing cattle feed business, therefore, Koyenco group has become one of the most manufacturing and industrial houses in Kerala with a variety of world class products and services touching various aspects of life and quality of life.

Koyenco Group of Companies

1. Koyenco Feeds Pvt Ltd.

2. Koyenco Solvent Extraction Pvt Ltd.

3. Koyenco Expellers (Kerala) Pvt Ltd

4. Koyenco Steels & Iron Ltd

5. Koyenco Real Estate

6. Koyenco Foundation

7. Koyenco Auto Pvt Ltd

8. Koyenco Mobikes

9. Koyenco Tea Plantation

Universal Koyenco Port

10. Koyenco Properties


Name (as per bye law)

Koyenco Feeds Pvt Ltd

Registered Office and Head Quarters

Koyenco House, West Hill,



Sri P.P. Koya – chairman

Sri P.V. Hussain- Managing Director

Objectives as per bye law

To carry the business of manufacturing for production process, preparation, and purchase, exporting, importing selling and dealing in cattle feeds, poultry feeds and animal feeds.

Financial year as per bye law

1st April to 31st March

Branches and Units

Kannur, kanhangad, Malapuram, Trichur, Ernkulam, Kottayam and Kollam.


KOYNCO Group has stepped in to the field of cattle and poultry feed production recognizing the need for producing a balanced compounded feed. Koyenco feeds pvt ltd was established to meet the requirements for quality cattle and poultry feeds in the state scenario. Koyenco aims at maintaining the quality standards. It has set for itself and has been consistently updating its infrastructure and technical facilities to overcome tough competition in the market. They follow strict quality control measures at all stages viz. procurement, production, processing, packaging shipment etc.

Koyenco has emerged as a global player in the cattle feed domain and their products have found acceptance world wide.

Services about the Koyenco Feeds

Koyenco works with a passion to provide service to customers. Their emphasis is towards the protection of human and animal health and also environmental protection. Koyenco draws on its in house facility of an efficient team of doctors who make house visits locally to monitor cattle health and also render valuable advice to improve feeding methods, animal hygiene, quantity and quality of feed to use etc. Koyenco believes in complete customer satisfaction and aims to serve as such. They have a strong team of distributors spread nationally and internationally that renders as accessible from all parts of the country and abroad.

These facilitate punctual and efficient delivery of goods at the most competitive price and establish better interaction with the clients. They can match your exact requirements in quality and variety. Since they always maintain stock level they can supply the quantity throughout the year. They have their outlets in India and Gulf Country.

Organizational Structure

Product Profile

The Koyenco group set up a solvent extraction plant to extract oil from coconut and rice bran. The oil is sold under the brand name 'Nandini' as an animal feed. The capacity of the plant is 240 tones per day. As part of diversification the company started is first cattle feed plant 1988. The company has now two such plants with a total installed capacity of 240 tones per day. This is mainly to make use of solvent extracted coconut cakes and rice bran in a profitable way. The Koyenco feeds company markets the feed under the brand name of 'Sunandini' and various products are as follows.








Chapter Two


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