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Educ303 Biblical Worldview Assignment

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Biblical Worldview Assignment

Shelby Trice

Liberty University

EDUC 303-D01

Biblical Worldview Assignment


When becoming a teacher, it is important to understand what are individual worldview is and how this will affect our teaching. As a Christian our biblical worldview and how we integrate it into the classroom is an important part of any education. As a Christian teacher, it is extremely important that we believe in the Bible and Gods word. We must believe that Gods word plays an important role in education. As a public-school teacher, certain restraints are put how and what is taught, which makes it hard for Christian values to come through in the classroom. Biblical integration will help close the gap and make it easier to incorporate biblical values in the classroom.

What is a worldview?

A worldview is a philosophy of life or a concept of the world. It is also considered a mindset that each individual has of the world. A person’s worldview will also include their particular thinking about the origin of life and morality. A worldview varies from belief to belief and person to person, things are always different, as we all see things from different point of views and perspectives. MacCullough states a worldview is a set of “answers to life’s biggest questions” (MacCullough 2012). Our worldview is also influenced by our environment, such as the people we surround ourselves with and our culture. Now when considering the question of what a Biblical worldview is, you must give this question deep thought. This answer is extremely important when making the decision about how we as individuals want to live our life, how we choose to raise our families, how we want to educate them and how we see God as being the center of our lives.        

Why is worldview integration important?

It is important for us as teachers to understand that no classroom is the same not only are students from different cultures and backgrounds, but each student has a different worldview. It is important that we understand how we each develop a worldview that way we can better integrate it into the classroom.  MacCullough states that “We all have a worldview, no matter how old we are; we begin developing one from the first moment we interact with those around us” (MacCullough 2012). Due to each student having a different worldview, what each student learns from each lesson will be different. As an instructor, it is important to incorporate worldview integration in every lesson and as a Christian instructor it is important that this also includes biblical integration. It is important for each student to examine their own worldview and those of their peers (MacCullough 2012). Each student needs to be encouraged to think upon their beliefs as well as the beliefs of their peers when in the classroom. This will then help students to recognize and understand the values that come from those beliefs, and what makes those values important to them.

What does it mean to integrate?

According to the dictionary the word integrate means “to combine one thing with another so that they become a whole.” (Websters dictionary. (2012) To integrate a worldview is to build upon the foundation already in place, a biblical worldview can be integrated throughout the entire classroom in many ways. As a teacher, biblical integration is connecting all subject matter with worldview provided through God’s Word (MacCullough, 2012). When integrating a biblical worldview within the classroom, the ultimate goal is to help students to think biblically throughout each common subject. Teaching from a Christian perspective and integrating a biblical worldview happens when the lesson objective is combined with God and His word.


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