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Edge of Hell

By:   •  March 23, 2018  •  Creative Writing  •  283 Words (2 Pages)  •  174 Views

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Edge of Hell

Anyone that walks into this place never walks out and that’s all I was told about this spooky, scary place. It was Friday October 31st, the day my life changed. The sky began to turn grey and not long later did it begin to threaten all that was beneath it with it’s impenetrable lightning. By this time, it was too late to change my mind or turn around. I was scared, frightened, horrified and I had no idea what to do. As I dealt with the fear in my head, I felt something pulling me towards the house-was it my curiosity? Was it the house? Or was it something else? I really did not know. I was at the door of the house, as I lifted my fingers towards the doorbell I heard a shriek from inside the house. It as like the house was calling me in. So, I slowly opened the creaky door- it felt wet and dirty and the handle was hanging off by one screw. When the door was fully opened I felt a dreadful smell rush by my nose, it was like one hundred rotten corpses. The smell was disgusting. I was shaking with fear inside; my blood was rushing through my veins and I felt my temperature rising. My face was drowning in my own sweat, my eyes could not stop moving they were looking everywhere with fear that someone was watching and about to grab me. Then I looked up and seen the big red exit sign, I immediately took it, I did not want to see anything further that was in that house. I had never been so scared in my life.  


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