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The purpose of this marketing plan and strategy is to prepare for the international market entering and Brazil will be the starting step for the market penetration. The increasing of the awareness of green environment had highly encouraged the trend of e-cofueling and energy security for vehicle owner. Brazil and the largest manufacturer of ethanol and widely use locally as people currently is looking into economy fuel and environmentally energy resources, thus it is a very good opportunity for E-cofueling to predominate the trend to penetrate Brazil, Australia and International market. Raw material of ethanol such as sugar cane and corn also easily resource from Brazil locally as it is the agriculture product widely plant in Brazil.

E-cofueling targeted to archive at least 20% increasing in retrofit kit demanding which will be about 3000 sets in Brazil market in the first year. Distributionship is recommended in order to capture the network in the stoutest time and setup the business at the lower cost. Public relationship and advertisement can be used as the approaching to the market. Price will be set at AUS$1282.50 to allow the profit margin about 25% and total mark up of about 75% between distributor and end users.



1.0 Introduction page 5

2.0 Company and Situational Overview page 5

3.0 Market Summary page 6

3.1 Market Demographics

3.2 Market Needs

3.3 Market Trends and Growths

3.4 SWOT Analysis

4.0 Competitions page 10

5.0 Critical Success Factors page 11

6.0 Mission of Company page 11

7.0 Market Mix page 14

7.1 Product

7.2 Price

7.3 Place

7.4 Promotion

8.0 Financial page 17

8.1 Financial Objective

8.2 Target Market and Positioning

8.3 Financial Plan

9.0 Marketing Organization page 21

9.1 Control

9.2 Implementation

9.3 Contingency Plan

10.0 Conclusion page 24


Appendix 1: Return on Investment (ROI) for End Users page 25

Appendix 2: Cost and Selling Price for Retrofit Kit page 26

Appendix 3: ROI for E85 Retrofit Kit page 28

Appendix 4: ROI for LPG/CNG Retrofit Kit page 29

Appendix 5: Forecast for 3 Years Sales for E-cofueling page 29

Appendix 6: GE Matrix of Fuel Market page 31


1.0 Introduction

Purpose of marketing plan is to help in setting-up an objective and actions for each marketing mix. To be most effective, objective of marketing plan need to be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-based. Market mix (product, place, price and promotion) will be included as a framework for deciding how the company's resources will be manipulated strategically to achieve the objectives.

This marketing plan purpose is to audit the potential of E-cofueling into the international market via first launch in Brazil. Gasoline Industries is a very competitive industry as many alternative energy resources are available in the market and current engine is still productive. But E-cofueling is looking into products extension based on arability of reasonable cost for products to ensure company business is continue growth.

2.0 Company and situational Overview

E-CoFueling is formed up by a group of personnel and alliance partners that cooperate to commercialize the ethanol co-fueling in fuel industry and develop the technology to provide the solutions of efficiency for good movements and emission reduction technology. At E-CoFueling, their mission is to provide energy security solutions for diesel engines, from transportation, agriculture to mining or power generation.

They investing in research and development for continuing discover better technology and improvement to achieve customer satisfaction. Lately tertiary laboratory testing and infield trials in Michigan (USA) completed successfully, fleet trials in Australia, technical presentations at Caltech, USA and completed an Australian Government commercialisation grant.

2010, with support of Australian federal government-sponsored COALAR Clean Energy Trade Mission to Latin America, they return to Brazil to finalise the E-CoFueling corporate structure as the first step of their preliminary technology validation pilots with cargo and passenger fleet partners with whom we have been in discussions.

Investor groups and alliance partners are keen to conduct the technology validation and scale ROI-based rollout plans on the current technology, alongside of accelerating the research and intellectual property pathways for the technology's next generation.

3.0 Market Summary

World ethanol market is forecasted to reach 27.7 billion gallons by year 2012 due to skyrocketing crude prices and concerns over environmental pollution, and thus people start focus on alternate fuels. Stringent legislation of emission standards and governmental intervention by way of subsidies, and tax incentives are expected to foster market growth in the medium to long run. Both developed and developing markets are expected to lend traction to the market's growth in the future. Brazil, China and India, within Asia-Pacific, represent lucrative markets to mine.

3.1 Market Demographic

. Geographical

- A need of the private sector and government segment.

- The immediate target is the city of Brazil.

- The total targeted territory population density of Brazil was approximately 190.8 million and Asia-Pacific was approximately 3.879 billion. (Government of Brazil, 2010)

. Demographics

- People to protect the mother of nature

- Whom concern on their future generation.

- They tend to patronize higher quality of livings.

- People are cognizant about the environment which is healthy and safe to live in.

. Behavioral Factors

- Willing to pay a premium for higher quality and eco-biological renewable living.

- There is value attributed to the more attractive presentation of a environmental friendly green technology.

. Psychological Factors

- Eco-lifestyle of living.

- Value of green initiative.

- Attitude of recycling and saving natural resources.

3.2 Market Needs

E-cofueling is seeking to fulfill the following benefits that are important to customers:

- Cost effective

- Environment friendly with low emission

- Low maintenance as product can help to keep engine cleanliness

- Convenient for user to access easily and do not require machine modification

Nowadays, people are looking towards green technology and environment friendly, thus it encourage the entire business moving towards this direction.

Source: text book;W.Pride, G.Elliott, S. Rundle-Thiele, D.Waller, A.Paladino, O. C. Ferrell, Marketing: Core Concepts & Applications, 2nd Asia-pacific Edition, John Wiley & Sons, Brisbane, 2007.

3.3 Market Trend and Growth

From 2001 to 2010, ethanol fuel is expected a growth in the demand in few countries. The USA market stimulated by the banning of MTBE; establishment


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