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Differences Between School and University

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                                             Differences between school and university

Education is a very important part in our lives and according to this perspective, schools and universities are the main places we are going through. At first it may seem that these educational institutes are the same, but there are significant dissimilarities between them. Studying approach, community, and independency are characteristics which prove this obvious difference.

Studying approach is a major element and a way through which students gain necessary knowledge. In school, they usually receive general knowledge and all materials provided directly from teachers. They do not spend much time for homework and they are not interested in extra information. On the other hand, university’s the main focus is on a self-studying. Even though teachers give some materials, mostly students need additional information which they are responsible for to find by themselves. Also, assignments, presentations, and researches take more time for preparation than in school.

In addition, community is another colorful aspect that differs school from university. School community reminds family because all students study together for a long period of time and they go through development stages which influence their similar development. In contrast, university’s community is more diverse and students meet new people with different backgrounds, personalities, and interests. They learn how to get along with people and how to behave with them. In the beginning they may feel uncomfortable with a community full of strangers, but later they would be able to find that it is interesting to know people out of their comfort zone.


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