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Difference Between Process Theory and Content Theory of Motivation

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Difference between process theory and content theory of Motivation

Content Theory mainly emphasis on the nature of need and WHAT MOTIVATE us which include theory of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs model, Alderfer’s modified need hierarchy model, Herzberg’s two factor theory, and McClelland’s achievement motivation theory while Process theory emphasis on the actual process of the motivation and WHY and HOW TO MOTIVATE us which includes expectancy-base models, equity theory, goal theory and attribution theory.

There was a “ABC” Company with staff high turnover rate in the past 1 year, the manager has been suffering for the un-stability.  During EXIT interview, it has been found that associates expressed the basic salary was comparatively lower than other company which based on the content theory of Maslow’s on Physiological (the lower need can’t be satisfied). In reference to Herzberg’s two factory theory, it is under of hygiene or maintenance factor which salary is factor of prevent dissatisfaction. And under McClelland’s, it relevant to the Achievement motive for the reinforcement of success serves to strengthen the desire to attain higher performance.  According to process theory of expectancy, it seems the basic salary is far off from expectation that associate desired.  


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