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Deerfield Week of Respect 2015

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Deerfield Week of Respect 2015

Week of Respect:

Deerfield is having their fall field day geared around respect, specifically of our local heroes such as police, ems and fire personnel. 

We are continuing with our recognition of "caught being good" with our Deerfield Best program.

Morning announcements will focus on the week of respect.

Glenwood Week of Respect 2015

This year for the Week of Respect, we are going to spend time each morning growing a definition of respect together.

Day 1: Fifth grade students will announce the goal of the week and what the letter R stands for in “respect”.

R- RESPOND. When someone speaks to you, answer them politely and look at them in  the eyes.

Day 2: E- EXAMPLE. Respect yourself by being the best you can be. Make sure you are always showing the kindness that you have inside.

S: SPEAK. Say what you are thinking and feeling in a kind and respectful way.

Day 3: P- PROPERTY. Always take care of other people’s things and the world around you the best you can.

E- EARN. The things we love the most are the things that we have worked the hardest to earn.

Day 4: C- CARE. Think about how your actions will affect others. Make choices that show you care and concerned for others.

T- TRY. Always try your best to be kind and respectful. If you make a mistake, try again.

Day 5: As a culminating activity, the students will each receive a “brick” template. They will choose an example of respect that they saw this week in the school and write ( or draw in kindergarten) what it was. The bricks will be collected and used on a bulletin board on the first floor to show how our respectful actions build our school. Teachers are encouraged to brainstorm and discuss what they learned this week to help students make personal goals about how they can be more respectful at school and outside of school.

Hartshorn Week of Respect 2015

On Monday, October 5 through Friday, October 9, 2015 Hartshorn School will be observing the Week of Respect with the activities outlined below.  Each night, please ask your child about these topics so you can reinforce them at home.

Day 1 – Chart of Respect: Classes will make charts identifying specific behaviors that show respect for other people and property. (What does respect look like, what does respect sound like?)

Day 2 – Be Complimentary Day:  Each class will cut out compliment strips to share with friends.

Day 3 – Respectful Recess: Teachers brainstorm with their classes different games/activities that can be played at recess. Students share conflicts that development during those games. Pick 1 game to determine strategies/rules for solving conflict.  See recess rules below.

Day 4 – Acceptance and Appreciating Our Differences Day:  Classes will be reading and discussing the following poem.

You Belong

by Naomi Drew

Come join in, come join in,

whatever your background or color of skin.

You are of value, for all that you are—

your special uniqueness will carry you far.

It’s not about the way you look,

your size, or weight, or height.

What matters most is what’s within,

the things that aren’t in sight.

It’s not about the clothes you wear

or place that you may live.

Your character defines you—

and the kindness that you give.

This world that we inhabit

could never be the same

without your excellent qualities,

your presence, and your name.

Take these words with you every day,

and treasure your own worth—

this planet changed in wondrous ways

the moment of your birth.

You are part of everything --

to life’s great promise you belong.

Rejoice in who you truly are,

stand up, join in,

and sing your song.

Day 5 –Team Building Day: Teachers are provided with age appropriate activities for building teamwork and working out differences.

Sth. Mtn. Week of Respect 2015

Monday, October 5th 

        Bucket Filler Assembly – K-5 – led by administration

Tuesday, October 6th 

        Queen Nur – Anti-Bullying Assembly (9:00 K-2, 10:00 3-5)

        12 C’s “Life Tools to Thrive” lessons – Grades K-3

Wednesday, October 7th 

School-wide reading of a Character Education Book in each classroom – 2:30pm

12 C’s “Life Tools to Thrive” lessons – Grades 4-5

Thursday, October 8th 

Music in the lunchroom so students can dance to stomp out bullying – 11:30am-1:10pm

Friday, October 9th 

School Spirit walk to start each recess – students walk around the school in their school colors/spirit wear

School Song

        School Spirit Broadcast

Wyoming Week of Respect 2015

  • Respect Rally- Whole school assembly to celebrate the Week of Respect.  Students will come together as a community to salute the flag, sing Wyoming’s School song and watch the iMovie featuring classrooms working on respect activities throughout the week.  Students will wear Wyoming  Wildcat shirts or colors (blue and white).

  • Classroom Posters/Wordles- teachers will facilitate a group activity to engage students in brainstorming ways to show respect and citizenship (school citizenship trait of the year) at school and at home and students will create a shared poster to reflect their ideas. All classes will be photographed learning, sharing, and creating the Respect posters/Wordles.  The photographs will become part of an iMovie that’s shown at our Respect Rally.
  • Quote a Day- Quotes about respect will be read during Morning Announcements each day.
  • Buttons- Students will receive personalized buttons upon showing respectful behavior.
  • School song- Each class will participate in brainstorming ideas for our school song.  Our music teacher will use the ideas to write our school citizenship song.

MMS Week of Respect 2015

Monday Oct 5 - Friday October 9


 School needs to be a place where students discover their identities and where each student feels that a unique identity is an asset. Students need to feel emotionally comfortable in a warm and identity safe environment where stereotypes and stereotype threats (the fear of being judged by a negative stereotype) are addressed. Efforts to build empathy and involve students in the process of change can shift the school culture to one where offending or hurting someone else, either in person or online, is not seen as cool. The whole culture can become a warm, caring environment where bullying is much less likely to occur.  It requires a sustained and collaborative effort of students, parents, educators and community members who work together to model and practice empathy, thoughtful responses and respect for different backgrounds and perspectives. It grows out of authentic discussion and efforts to create a safe and welcoming environment for students of all backgrounds and gender identities.


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