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Businesses That Use Pre-Employment Assessments

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Dominic DeBona

SEC 346 HW# 3

1.) Provide at least 2 reasons that security should be involved in determining the suitability of employees in retail (Millwee, 2001; Trlica, 2018).

One reason that security should be involved in making sure employees are suitable is following through with references. Making sure that the references are not a lie or are leaving a key detail out of the recommendation if one was even given. Another reason would be an extensive background check which could lead to a company recovering info that would allow them not to hire the wrong person. “As you develop pre-employment screening strategies, don’t overlook tools and procedures that solicit admission of past behavior from both the applicant and past employers. If you ask not, you will never uncover the real history of violence, criminality, drug use, thefts, terminations, sexual harassment, discrimination, and a host of other potential landmines that can be avoided.”(Millwee, 2001) Interviews should be extensive in order to discover best behavioral habits that may not allow the person to perform the job at the level that is needed.

According to an Aberdeen Group study, businesses that use pre-employment assessments experience 39 percent lower turnover among high-potential employees. While hundreds of specialized assessments are now available, the most widely used and effective pre-hire assessments fall into three basic families, explained industry veteran Jim Plotkin, president and CEO of The Plotkin Group. “Integrity tests, cognitive ability assessments, and personality questionnaires have been used for decades, and refined to be even more effective.” (Trlica, 2018) Using personality tests and basic exams can help get rid of the people that are not cut out for the job. The potential cost in training new employees often can hurt not only the other employees but also the business itself.

2.) Indicate the most appropriate preemployment screening measures (e.g., criminal, credit, and other background checks, drug screening, integrity tests, etc.)  that should be used for each position (Fay, 2011; Vanegas & Verville, 2006), and make sure that you also answer these questions:

a. Do you advise the same or a different set of measures for each position? Explain your rationale, including what information each measure will provide in helping you to make your decision to hire the person or not (Fay, 2011; Giles, 2002; Vanegas & Verville, 2006 ).

b. What are the direct consequences if the employee was violent or acted in inappropriate and/or disturbing ways in previous jobs for the retail store employees and customers? Provide at least 2 potential legal, social, or physical consequences (Millwee, 2001; Vanegas & Verville, 2006 ).

I think the most important screening measure is giving integrity tests. This can allow employers to really learn about who they’re hiring. This should definitely be used for all three positions because integrity is involved with all of them. The cashier is dealing with the money, the stock person is involved with the stores merchandise and the loss prevention agent is overseeing all of the store. “Many experts agree that “past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior.” For this reason if for no other, companies should be keenly interested in an applicant’s background. At many companies this is one of the stated reasons for instituting an employment screening process.” (Vanegas and Verville, 2006) Most people find it tough to change so knowing someones past behavior is usually a safe indication on what to expect from them in the future. If a person is hired while the employer knows the past behavior it can be detrimental. If a violent person repeats behavior on a new co worker that person can then sue the employer for negligence. The social aspect might even be worse in the sense that the other employees may never trust their employer again because of this incident.


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