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Black Friday Is a Nightmare

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Dustin Nguyen

Ms. Libhart


1st December 2017

Black Friday Is A Nightmare

It was the first time I went shopping on Black Friday. Usually, on Black Friday, I stayed at home to do online shopping. So this year I decided to do shopping at South Coast Plaza with my friends. It was one of the most miserable day ever.

I told my friends that I would be there at seven o’clock so I set the alarm at four thirty in the morning. However, when I woke up and looked at the clock it was already five o’clock, I found out that my phone wasn’t charged last night. I ran in hurry to do my daily routine, then got into the car and started driving. While driving to the mall, the street was a little bit busy so I took the highway because I thought it would be faster. I went on the highway, but that was a mistake.

I got stuck in the highway for a half an hour because of an accident. I knew that I would be late so I charged my phone in the car to call my friends. I started to lose my interest of going to Black Friday shopping, but I still gave it a chance. Finally, I got to the mall at seven thirty.

The mall was packed with people, and finding a place to park the car was really hard. I was so tired of going around and finding, it took me more and more time. I couldn’t handle the stress for a long time, so I cried out in my car and it was so embarrassing. I was driving


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