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Alibaba Business Case Study

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Name: Ho Ngoc Hong Nhi

Class: S51901E

Student Number: L9935944


In the modern technology, online sales is one of the most popular form of trade in the world. Therefore, at the present, words like Alibaba is no stranger to many people, especially with IT workers. Furthermore, Alibaba is an example of success in e-commerce, which is supposed to be the largest online trade in world globe wholesale. For this reason, this essay will outline two features include business model and marketing strategy that make Alibaba business market grows sustainably and reach out to the globe.

In order to distinguish Alibaba from other e-commerce, Alibaba has found successful tactics to help them become the global is their business model. Alibaba company owns three major e-commerce sites include Taobao, Tmall and serving millions of mechanism and business. Hence, in order to bring profit to their corporation, Alibaba has found successful tactics to help them become the global supplier and this is also the first feature to distinguish Alibaba from other e-commerce is their business model. Each of website of Alibaba has its own business type to embrace social commerce such as Business to Business, Business to Customer and Customer to Customer. Because of Alibaba’s wisdom in creating the diversified business model, they provide the healthy business for businesses and become the bridge between businesses with more than 240 countries around the world. Moreover, Alibaba helping hundred or even millions of people into entrepreneurs and making some people become rich.

Another thing that makes Alibaba stand firm in the first position is developing marketing strategies. When mentioning e-commerce, people tend to think of Alibaba with successful e-commerce product that makes Jack Ma – the founder of this company becomes “Asian technology king”. For instance, they have created an intimate program for customers named Alibaba Passport (APASS) and member of this group regularly receive incentives such as good deals, travel or private service. In addition, Alibaba also encourages them participate in shopping addiction groups to review about Alibaba’s items. This company has implemented a great strategy to turn shoppers into marketing armies. Another marketing strategy that brought to Alibaba a record revenue of 30.7 billion USD is taking advantage of Singles’ Day (11/11) to increase sales and to earn "huge" profits at the end of the year. This strategy shows us the clever business of Alibaba.


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