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Abc Joint Stock Company

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ABC Joint Stock Company is a company that has affirmed its position in the plastic packaging and packaging industry in Vietnam and also exported to countries like Korea and Japan. In order to achieve today's achievements, respond to the trust of consumers, more than anyone ABC understands their destiny: Bringing the best quality products to meet user needs of users with the most competitive prices.

ABC's Code of Conduct is a commitment to uphold integrity, promote respect, ensure fairness, maintain compliance, and value business ethics. The core values ​​and commitments set out in the code of conduct are the most clearly affirming the development direction of the company and making the difference of ABC in the minds of users, partners and shareholders. , employees and the community.

1. Conduct at work

  • Compliance with Laws, regulations and procedures of the company
  • Avoid conflicts of interest
  • Conduct a fair, honest, ethical business and not tolerate bribery
  • Protect assets, reputable brands ABC company
  • Respect and protect confidential information and personal information of others
  • Exclude insider trading
  • Ensure accuracy and integrity of records, business books
  • Use information technology resources responsibly

2. Conduct with investors

  • Management of scientific enterprises ensures safety and increases the value of capital contribution of investors
  • Maintain professional audit programs to increase investor confidence
  • Notify investors of the Group's operations

3. Behavior with customers

  • Put customers first
  • Deal with kindness and fairness with all customers
  • Respect all customers

4. Conducting against competitors

  • Fair competition.

5. Conducting against suppliers and business partners

  • Respect the interests of suppliers and business partners
  • Trade in accordance with ethical rules with suppliers and business partners
  • Be cautious when receiving gifts from or giving gifts to suppliers and business partners

6. Behavior for employees and colleagues

  • Considering officials and employees is the key to success
  • Promote communication and communication environment in a spirit of openness and sincerity
  • Encouraging diversity in ABC company
  • Encourage healthy competition in the Group
  • Respect the personal integrity of staff

7. Behavior of State agencies

  • Integrity in all relations with State agencies

8. Behaviors with media and / or the public

  • Be cautious and comply with internal regulations and laws when contacting media and / or the public

9. Social behavior

  • Actively participate in humanitarian and volunteer programs
  • Oppose exploitation and inhuman treatment of labor

10. Behavior to environment

  • Building a clean and sustainable environment

11. Violations of the Code

  • Report violations of the Code
  • Officers and employees can report violations through face-to-face meetings, telephone, Email

According to Pitt, Business ethic or code of conduct provides instructors with guidance on the company's business activities related to receiving gifts or conflicts of interest (Pitt, 2015). The Code of Conduct is one of the first official regulations of each business to direct employees of the entire company to focus on the company's core objectives, values ​​and work awareness. The first is the code of conduct at work among the members of the company to ensure the behavior of employees in accordance with the company's principles and culture. The introduction of a code of conduct at work makes each employee aware of his or her behavior, reducing the personal ego at work but instead concentrating on building ideas towards the company's goals, avoid damaging the company's image. The second is the code of dealing with investors who have invested and trusted in the development of the company. Satisfying investors' terms and dividends is absolutely necessary to strengthen trust. In addition, transparency of records and activities of the company for investors is also very important. An indispensable part of a company's success as a customer, with customers, then businesses survive and grow. Satisfying customer needs is always a top priority of the business. We respect customer designs, offer advice to improve products and also learn from customers to improve products and services. The code of conduct with customers is essential for each employee to be aware that customers are gods. Our code of conduct also regulates the behavior of competitors and suppliers. There are competitors, there is new competition to develop. However, ABC requires that all employees must strictly implement fair competition, with their own strength, without devaluation. For suppliers, we always promote mutual benefit business, carry out trade under the laws and agreements reached to strengthen long-term relationships and cooperation. Staff and employees in the company are the resources that make the company's success, so the code of conduct regulates the behaviors for employees in the company to create a working environment and corporate culture. Good, help improve capacity and work efficiency. At the same time retain talented personnel. For authorities, societies, communities and the environment, behaviors are also clearly defined to avoid unfortunate mistakes. orient the behavior of company members according to the company's rules and culture ethically. Social responsibility is the next concept to take into account in the development of a code of conduct, which is to regulate attitudes towards the environment, food safety, life safety, and support others ... This is also the message of the organization towards the outside, demonstrating the commitment, contribution to development with the community and for the good development goals of the society. There is a fact in the perception of international and foreign organizations that business ethics and social responsibility are two indispensable bases in strategic planning and vision. Trust based on business ethics is the company's biggest competitive advantage for long-term sustainable development. Therefore, the code of conduct including regulations for business stakeholders is extremely important for the survival and development of the company. (Naveed, 2015)


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