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A Gospel Culture and a Salvation Culture

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What is the difference between a gospel culture and a salvation culture, and why is this an important distinction to make? What is the relationship between the gospel and the “Plan of Salvation?"

A gospel culture and a salvation culture are different. In a salvation culture, people get saved and receive baptism and become members of church. In there, people have their personal experience on salvation. However, it often misleads churches to forget the true meaning of the gospel. It simply emphasizes the importance of involving in church group. However, a gospel culture leads to choose to live the way Jesus lived. It is crucial to distinct between two cultures because getting saved and living as disciples are totally different. When we look at the story of Israel, we can get the core meaning of a gospel culture that our ultimate salvation depends on faithful obedience to His words. And obeying his words comes from faith. So, faith, obedience to the words, and salvation are deeply connected. In Philippians 2:12, Paul clearly encouraged to continue to work out our salvation with fear and trembling (NIV). If we are stuck in a salvation culture, it would be possible to miss the opportunity to fulfill our ultimate goals created by Him, which is to have intimate relationship with Him listening to His voice, following the ways He leads, and obeying His words to become holy for His kingdom. Then, only religious activities and ritual would remain. The “Plan of Salvation” and the gospel are in close connection. However, it is dangerous to focus on the personal plan of Salvation only. The “Plan of Salvation” must lead to the gospel. As Christians, it’s not enough to be saved and reborn as His sons and daughter. Through getting saved by His grace, we should move on and choose to walk in the light, which means living according to truth every day in our life. Romans 12:2 says that “Do not conform to the patter of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is-his good, pleasing and perfect will.” We should be followers of Jesus Christ. That is a real Christianity. Therefore, the gospel is not just words to proclaim that Christ has done for all humanity, but it involves practical application in our lives. Timothy 6:12 says that “Fight the good fight of the faith.  


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