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10 Chemistry Thoughts Related to God

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10 chemistry thoughts related to God

  1. The atom itself
  1. Everything is made out of atoms. Even the atom itself has precise details to it even though it is so small. Our whole creation is made from a formation of protons, neutrons, and electrons. Therefore, everything that God has created has come these components of the atom. Something that seems so small and almost pointless makes up everything on this earth.
  1. Molecules
  1. God chose the formation of all these molecules to make certain needed for life. For example, God created carbon dioxide and water so that we would be able to live. We are able to breathe and drink because of the molecule that he chose to create.
  1. Light and waves
  1. Without light, we would not be able to live. God created visible light for us. The different rays of light allow for us to perform different functions in our daily lives. For example, we are able to use the radio to broadcast information through radio waves. God created these waves for us to have visible light and be able to do other things every day.
  1. Acids and Bases
  1. Acids and bases are a major component to the food that we eat. Acids include fruits like plums, cranberries and blueberries. Other food like sunflower seeds and peanuts are also acidic. Bases include other fruits like apples, bananas, and cherries. Some other examples of bases are margarine and hazelnuts. This is important to show how chemistry and God relate because it shows that this basic fundamental of chemistry was formed by all the food that God has given us.
  1. Heat and Temperature
  1. If the Earth were placed in a different distance from the sun, this planet would not be viable for life. This is because if the distance were any farther, the Earth would be too cold for us to live. If the Earth were any closer, the sun would heat the Earth too much. This also goes for the all of the heat that is in involved in every reaction. Without this heat, we would not have heat from things that are needed.
  1. Gases
  1. I think that this is a key relation to God. Since carbon dioxide and oxygen are both needed for us to survive, gases are obviously seen to be a part of God’s creation that he made for us to live. Without these gases, we would not be able to not only live, but also live for God. This goes with the people that do not live in clean air. Some people around the world do not have clean air to breathe and struggle. Us, as missionaries, use what we have to provide help for these people that do not get the full resources that they need.

  1. Molecular Geometries
  1. Instead of relating this to how God used it for us living, you can relate chemistry to the relations and how important they are, just like our relationship with God and our brothers and sisters. The bonds between the different elements is very important to create a certain molecule. Just like our relationship with others through Christ, we need to have good community with other and love others as God loves us.
  1. Periods and Groups
  1. On the periodic table, the certain groups have like qualities. You could relate that to us sharing like qualities with our families. Going even further than that, as the periodic table as a whole does not share like qualities, they still come together as a whole. All of the elements come together as a whole to make the periodic table just like all of us come together as a whole to serve as God’s kingdom.
  1. Reactions
  1. You can also relate the story of The Garden of Eden with reactions. You can also relate many other stories from the bible to different aspects of chemistry. Eve and Adam ate the apple so they therefore caused sin to be known around the world. In chemistry, when two things mix it causes another thing to occur. Two elements or molecules react to create something different.
  1. Chemistry in general
  1. In this course, we learn about the atom that is the component to all living things. Without an atom, we would not be able to exist. God created everything that he did the way that he did so we could live our lives through him and for him. If things were to be created differently, we would not be the same or live the same.


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